Tina Saaby Madsen, Chief City Architect of Copenhagen

Tina Saaby has been the Chief City Architect of Copenhagen since September 2010. She inspires, facilitates, advices, and coaches the politicians and City Administration. Her responsibility is to help defining architectural guidelines and visions in developing the city based on The City of Copenhagen’s Architectural Policy. As the Chief City Architect, Tina Saaby supports the agenda of developing a sustainable and livable city by engaging in the creation of a resilient strategic framework for the future city development and also by facilitating a dialogue about how to rethink the processes of this development. In her work she has a deep interest in how to combine the development of a sustainable and resilient city with a high quality of life.



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Cities for People

Neben aller Bottom-up und Top-down-Prozesse betrachten wir neue Verbindungen zwischen Stadtgesellschaft und Stadtregierung, die dazu […]




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