Denisa Kera, Philosopher and Designer, Czech Maker Faire in Prague 2018

Denisa Kera (CZ, IL) is a philosopher & designer currently organizing the first Maker Faire in Prague. She is recognized for her ethnographic research of hackerspaces and makerspaces in EU and Asia and interest in prototyping practices as a way of building communities and defining common values. She spent the last decade as an Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore, Senior Lecturer in Prague college Future Design MA programme and Visiting Assistant Professor at Arizona State University, where she is still an affiliate member of the Centre for the Study of the Future.





Structures / Processes

The Urban Ecology of Third Spaces

A growing number of new civic micro-economies are emerging in urban centres around the world, […]




Festivalzentrum, Tschechisches Zentrum Berlin Wilhelmstraße 44, 10117 Berlin


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