Moderator: Tia Korpe, Future Female Sounds

Tia Korpe has spent the last decade working in the music, social change, and cultural industry as a consultant, and is also the Founder and Director of Future Female Sounds (, a non-profit organization empowering female DJs globally through visibility and training. She has consulted for a number of festivals, most recently workin on the strategy for cultural equality at Roskilde Festival, UNESCO, International Music Council, and the Danish Center for Culture & Development. Between 2010-2015 Tia worked in the Middle East and North Africa as the Program Officer for the non-profit organization Turning Tables. Here she worked with urban culture and training of refugees and marginalized youth. Tia is also an independent cultural entrepeneur, and founder of Jordan’s first Urban Arts festival ‚The Word Is Yours‘, and an external lecturer at Copenhagen University Master Elective Course: Global Urban Studies.



Strukturen / Prozesse

Ankommen, bauen, bleiben

Die kriegs-, wirtschafts- und klimabedingten Migrationsbewegungen haben viele europäische Städte wie Berlin zu Arrival Cities […]




Festivalzentrum, Tschechisches Zentrum Berlin Wilhelmstraße 44, 10117 Berlin


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