Olivia Reynolds, LOBE

Olivia Reynolds is the founder & director of the Lobe GmBH Co KG that builds a creative Business Block, a 3000 qm building in wedding, Berlin, designed by the renowned Architects; Arno Brandlhuber and Muck Petzet. The Block opens this summer. Alongside her BA & MA studies in Art, Olivia opened a cafe in London, as well as having worked at the BBC world service news. She also managed to complete various shared house properties, in London, before moving to Berlin, where she has lived since 8 years and run the Art project space; LoBe: London/ Berlin from 2009-15. Recently she also lectured at the Architecture Uni HDK Berlin. She tries with the Lobe Block to give Art, Animals, Garden, Music & Food a role in a socially sustainable situation.



Strukturen / Prozesse

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