Daniel Büning, NowLab

Daniel Büning is innovator, researcher, architect and university teacher. His work oscillates in the field between digital technology, innovation, culture and politics. His studio NOWlab was co-founded in 2014 and acquired by BigRep in 2016, an up-and-coming high-tech start-up from Berlin. With NOWlab @ BigRep, a unique innovation and creative hub has been created, full of dynamics and synergies within a technology company. His research as well as the work of his office NOWlab merges in an innovative and visionary way the latest digital software (programming, modeling, simulation) with digital manufacturing processes (3D printing, robotics, CNC technology) as well as advanced and sustainable materials.



Architecture / Space

Traditional meets new: Technologies / Materials

In recent decades, the development of digital design tools and methods has had a major […]




Festivalzentrum, Tschechisches Zentrum Berlin Wilhelmstraße 44, 10117 Berlin


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