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Wohn!Aktiv – Tour

A house with a new architectural design for senior living




Zobeltitzstraße 117, 13403 Berlin




28 June - 28 June


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Gewobag Wohnungsbau-Aktiengesellschaft Berlin

With: Gewobag Wohnungsbau-Aktiengesellschaft Berlin

How do we want to live in old age? What does a model look like which specifically allows people living alone to have independence, yet be couched in a community? Having studied these questions extensively, Gewobag presents the Wohn!Aktiv-Haus in Zobeltitzstraße 117 through architectural guided tours and a panel discussion. The concept became a success story following its launch in early 2016. It addresses active people in their golden years. Here, they can develop throughout a satisfying retirement period, make new contacts and remain content and vital. Community has top priority. In this project, Gewobag responds to an increasing demand for housing that is suitable for seniors. One third of Gewobag’s tenants are over the age of 65. But a growing number of the increasingly active older generation would like a living environment that, alongside being accessible, allows a lifestyle which prevents subsequent isolation and an unfulfilling daily routine. In this sense, Wohn!Aktiv-Haus is completely different from an anonymous residential building. Here, people live within their own four walls who like to do things together, want to experience fulfilment in their leisure time and make new social contacts. The unique architectural design of the converted and refurbished long-term portfolio property offers the perfect framework. The foundation is around 150 attractive one-room apartments, networking areas for meeting others on every floor, and common areas for activities and hobbies. This context responds to the question of how the model of the senior residential building from the 1970s can be put to use in a new, modern way, embedded in a differentiated colour design and an exterior design which can be altered by the residents. A community coordinator is on-site on a regular basis and supports and hosts activities.

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