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Who’s joining us on a trip to the countryside?

Cooperatives between city and countryside.




Hof Prädikow Dorfstraße 4, 15345 Prötzel




01 July - 01 July


Discussion, notifiable

With: Nanni Grau, Hof Prädikow

New development and transformation processes in rural areas today often originate from self-organised groups of actors, creative people and other space pioneers — whose commitment and ideas drive the implementation of innovative life models and economies. The actors are well connected, and their ideas come mainly from the city’s pool of ideas, knowledge and experience. Through them, resources available in the countryside and in the city are connected, to new cycles, value chains and hybrid forms of life.

The project Hof Prädikow, a real laboratory for the rural life of the future, combines community living and contemporary forms of working in the countryside. As an interface for traditional crafts, creative industries and digital commerce, a variety of synergies are used, and innovative processes and products for mobility, supply, education, culture and community are developed.

New and old predicts discuss with experts from art/ culture, science, politics and administration how cities and the countryside grow together, and what opportunities grow from this — including new ways of living — as well as the implementation and feasibility of such projects.