Architecture / Space

Site visit: Merging old and new with timber-based construction

Maximising space: redensification in the city centre.




Wilhelmshavener Str. 66, 10551 Berlin




17 June - 17 June


Tour, notifiable

With: rundzwei Architekten; Reeg & Dufour Architekten Part Gmb


Construction following the war left an empty spot on this corner site of the in-demand residential area of Moabit/Tiergarten. It was required that this leftover space for redensification be optimised for living space. The new construction fills this gap, and ‘grows’ in its upper floors over the 1950s construction. In order to optimise the space of the vacant lot, the facade curves into the street space and the staircase extends into the courtyard as external access. The filigree metal structure of the staircase extends over the existing courtyard façade, and provides every flat (new and existing) with south-facing balconies.
On the inside, the building geometry creates exiting floor plans for 12 rental apartments between 50 to 120 m². A living, dining, and cooking space connects north with south façade, and enables generous vistas. Via sliding doors, a study can be added, enlarging the loft character of the flats. Timber was used as the main construction material. Timber stud walls and solid wood floors are protected by a coat of corrugated metal façade, which is light but robust, taking reference from the industrial history of the area.

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