Structures / Processes

Berlin builds and we mix it up

A mixed city emerges from the interplay of interests and needs. We invite actors from all urban sectors to create concrete ideas for mixed quarters in a scenario game.




DMSW Architektur und Landschaft, Mariannenplatz 23, 10997 Berlin




21 June - 21 June


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With: URBATOP / büro 1.0, DMSW, roedig.schop, sieglundalbert

Berlin is finding entire new ways of building new residential spaces. How do we create mixed and vibrant neighborhoods that connect with the existing urban fabric, that are resilient to changes and sustainable for both residents and developers? Mixture in the city arises because people claim space for the realization of their interests. The mixed city grows from the interaction of many different interests and needs. We invite players from all sectors to experience this interplay of the many, within a scenario game: public housing associations, private investors, urban developers, politicians, cooperatives, the independent scene, cultural workers, tenants’ representatives and those from urban economies. Together we create concrete ideas for the mixed city. Players get to know each other, while others play in cooperation and find new cooperation partners. URBATOP is an association of Berlin architects. In realizing their competences for the mixed city, they draw from long-term projects of working with building groups and conrtactors. URBATOP advises and accompanies the development of the mixed city in new neighborhoods.

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