Structures / Processes

A SurReal Estate Agency

A Place to imagine alternative Futures for the City




2 OG / Alte Münze, Am Molkenmarkt 2, 10179 Berlin




21 June - 21 June


Exhibition, no registration required


Soazic Guezennec

With: 2OG / Alte Münze

Happy owners SurReal Estate Agency by Soazic Guezennec is a parody of real estate, designing utopian architectural projects, and promoting them using the language of the real estate market. The projects are displayed in a city on billboards, posters, videos, flyers and are presented to the public in spaces with all the attributes of an authentic real estate agency. Thanks to the support of Columbia University, ten agencies have already been opened in India and Turkey. In Berlin we want to imagine futuristic scenarios and their utopian alternatives, to address the issues the city is facing when it comes to urban development. We will design poetic, fantastic, provocative urban projects for actual sites in the city which symbolise the free mind-set of Berlin, and are threatened by urban development (e.g. ‘Alte Münze’, ‘die Wiesenburg’, ‘Jonny Knüppel’, ‘Haus der Statistik’ and so on). We will create advertising campaigns to announce the launch of the projects, and open a parody agency in the building of ‘Alte Münze’. The idea is not to bring solutions, but to create a space for discussion where people can be inspired, question their desired habitats, and think about their roles in the process of development. Where is the city heading if it continues at this pace of development, and gives in to the demands of a late capitalistic model? What if? Could we imagine another city?

2 OG is the experimental hub of independent cultural production at ‘Alte Münze’ Berlin, providing and curating space for artists and scientists to work and present. Together we focus on interdisciplinary ideas for a better and more positive future, city and society — as well as on the development and opening of the ‘Alte Münze’ area.

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