23 Jun

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Italienisches Kulturinstitut

The Global City and European Diversity

Panel Discussion


Italienisches Kulturinstitut Berlin
Hildebrandstr. 2
10785 Berlin

Italienisches Kulturinstitut

German, Italian (including simultaneous translation)

The Italian Cultural Institute in Berlin organises cultural events and exhibitions, as well as language courses. Providing documentation and information about Italian cultural life, it establishes contacts with institutions, bodies and personalities in the German arts and scientific communities to promote projects that further knowledge of Italian life and culture. The Institute contributes an exhibition, two talks and a MCO tour to Make City.


Is it only ‘Global Cities ’ such as London or Paris that have a promising future or will smaller cities like Rome or Athens also have a chance to serve as a magnate? And what can be done to secure and strengthen diversity amongst this category of cities on the world stage? To what extent do the traditions and history of an individual city play a role in ist development? The Italian Cultural Institute hosts a panel discussion that sees prominent guests speaking on the future of the city within a global context.

Register: antwort.iicberlino(at)esteri.it

Matthias Sauerbruch Sauerbruch Hutton
Wilfried Kuehn Kuehn Malvezzi
Alfonso Femia/Gianluca Peluffo 5+1AA
Raffaele Milani University of Bologna
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