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“Such a festival would be a perfect setting in which to present the qualities of self-initiated urban living spaces that are the heart of the development in Berlin.” Kristien Ring, Author, Self Made City

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The press area offers journalists the opportunity to download images. Please note the pictures displayed can only be used without fee for the current reporting on the festival for Architecture Make City 2015. Please use the specified caption and credit line for every image. It is not allowed to manipulate or cut off parts of the images. Digital use is only allowed in low resolution (72 dpi). We look forward to being informed of all publications and would be grateful to receive copies.


Press Kit, 9th of June 2015

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Press Release

Invitation: Press Conference on June 9th, 2015
Press Release: Main Themes – May 18th, 2015
Press Release: Make City – April 8th, 2015


MAKE CITY Press Image Overview

General Images

Park am Gleisdreieck, Berlin
72 dpi/300 dpi © Julien Lanoo
Mérida youth factory, Mérida, Spain
72 dpi/300 dpi © Iwan Baan
Superkilen, Copenhagen
72 dpi/300 dpi © Iwan Baan

Urban Commons

Allmende Kontor: community garden, Tempelhofer Feld, Berlin
72 dpi/300 dpi © Michael Jungblut
El Campo de Cebada: self-managers of public space, Madrid
72 dpi/300 dpi © Zuloark
El Campo de Cebada: defining commons, Madrid
72 dpi/300 dpi © Zuloark
Park am Gleisdreieck, Berlin
72 dpi/300 dpi © Julien Lanoo
Tafelgarten, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin
72 dpi/300 dpi © Atelier Le Balto

Urban Open Source

Allmende Kontor: community garden, Tempelhofer Feld, Berlin
72 dpi/300 dpi © Michael Jungblut
Discussion at the Tempelhofer Feld, Berlin
72 dpi/300 dpi © Ana Lisa Alperovich
El Campo de Cebada: defining commons, Madrid
72 dpi/300 dpi © Zuloark
Luchtsingel, a crowd-funded pedestrian bridge in Rotterdam
72 dpi/300 dpi © Zones Urbaines Sensibles
Redefining the city, Berlin
72 dpi/300 dpi © Zuloark
Urban pioneers, Heathrow Airport
72 dpi/300 dpi © The Architecture Foundation

Urban Living & Working

Landesarchiv NRW, Duisburg
72 dpi/300 dpi © Thomas Mayer
R50 – cohousing, Berlin
72 dpi/300 dpi © Andrew Alberts
Urban living in wooden buildings – C13, Berlin
72 dpi/300 dpi © Berndt Borchardt
Hinterhof 2.0: downtown manufacture, Berlin
72 dpi/300 dpi © Roswag Architekten


Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Berlin
72 dpi/300 dpi © Jan Bitter
Heinrich Böll Stiftung: Participatory urban planning on the international stage. The Makoko Regeneration Plan, Lagos, Nigeria
72 dpi/300 dpi © Fabulous Urban
Heinrich Böll Stiftung: Top Down vs. Bottom Up? Learning from Germany’s most famous building site
72 dpi/300 dpi © Diana Muschiol
Deutsches Architektur Zentrum: URBAN LIVING – From Self-Made City to Future Strategies
72 dpi/300 dpi © AAPROJECTS
Italienisches Kulturinstitut: La Città Aperta – Città del Sole in Rome
72 dpi/300 dpi © Labics
Technische Universität Berlin: Beware of Smart People! Occupy Central, Hongkong
72 dpi/300 dpi © Marc Latzel
Rumänisches Kulturinstitut: cardboard Shelter
72 dpi/300 dpi © Des châteaux en l’air
Elegant Embellishments: Germany’s first Maker Library
72 dpi/300 dpi © Maker Library
Bauhütte Südliche Friedrichstadt, Berlin
72 dpi/300 dpi © Deadline

Make City Open

Spreefeld: doing it together in the city of singles
72 dpi/300 dpi © id22
Hives in the city: urban rooftop beekeeping
72 dpi/300 dpi © Stiftung für Mensch und Umwelt
Feminine space: “where men are still allowed to cry”
72 dpi/300 dpi © ANDBERLIN
Shout it from the public rooftops!
72 dpi/300 dpi © Ziegert Roswag Seiler
House-detectives in Mitte
72 dpi/300 dpi © Kleine Baumeister
Moritzpool: a roundabout reclaimed
72 dpi/300 dpi © ALAS
Combining awareness with pragmatism: 58 „Option Lots“ of Berlin-Mitte
72 dpi/300 dpi Free use
Mediaspree vs. Spreeufer for all?
72 dpi/300 dpi CC BY-SA 2.0

Studio Talks

bfstudio-architekten: a tribute to the groud floor
72 dpi/300 dpi © bfstudio-architekten
David Chipperfield Architects: Canteen
72 dpi/300 dpi © David Chipperfield Architects
GRAFT & Kleihues + Kleihues: Eckwerk Berlin
72 dpi/300 dpi © GRAFT, Kleihues + Kleihues
You participate! Lisbon in the 1970s
72 dpi/300 dpi © Alexandre Alves Costa
Building with no ground: Bernauer Straße, Berlin
72 dpi/300 dpi © ludloff + ludloff
NÄGELIARCHITEKTEN: building on the graveyard
72 dpi/300 dpi © NÄGELIARCHITEKTEN
Tropicalia: Façades to benches
72 dpi/300 dpi © Something Fantastic
Kids’ workshop: what do ladscape architects do all day?
72 dpi/300 dpi © Topotek 1