11 Jun

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Architectus Omnibus

Presentation of the archive Freshlatino 2 and 10 selected project from the public call

18 MAY - 15 JUL

15:00 - 18.00

Instituto Cervantes Berlin
Rosenstraße 18-19
10178 Berlin

Instituto Cervantes

German, Spanish

The Instituto Cervantes is a nonprofit public institution that was funded for the promotion of Spanish language and culture by the Spanish goverment. His centre is settled in Madrid and Alacá de Henares, the birthplace of the writer Miguel de Cervantes. The Instituto Cervantes is the biggest Spanish language centre in the world, there are more the 70 branches on all five continents.


Which impact does the rapid urban growth and the subsequent economic, social and cultural transformations on the understanding of Architecture today? How have responsibilities of architects changed facing new challenges and dwindling ressources at the same time?
The Instituto Cervantes and the Goethe-Institute cordially invite to a dialog by the title of „Architectus Omnibus“ which spots on the understanding of architecture today and the increasing social responsibility of architects in the 21st century. It focusses on the transformations of a discipline that has to reposition itsself between the real estate market  and the claim of participation of citizens, especially in Germany and Spain.

The ten projects that have been selected from the public call of Architectus Omnibus offer concrete proposals for creative solutions for contemporary social processes. These approaches are documented in an exhibition which also contains the archive Freshlatino 2.

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