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Urban Commons

HO Berlin

Designing the Urban Commons

Winning submissions from the “Designing the Urban Commons” competition


HO Berlin Holzmarktstraße 66 10179 Berlin

HO Berlin

German, English

Built in the 1960s according to standard soviet architecture principles, the HO Berlin served as one of many warehouses that provided daily necessities such as food and cosmetics. As an “Institution for Supply”, the warehouse was constructed by the Academy of Architecture of the GDR and registered under the label ESK 700/850. Today, the HO Berlin is used as an project and exhibition space, and during Make City will host two exhibitions from Theatrum Mundi and AIT.


Commoning, the collective ownership and management of resources, is a practice currently undergoing a renaissance within the context of social, political and economic debates in response to the increasing privatization and regulation faced by cities today.

A competition organized by Theatrum Mundi has invited participants to respond to the theme “Designing the Urban Commons” and re-imagine spaces in London as places for collaboration, sharing and collective ownership. The open calls asks how citizens could pool knowledge to co-create urban resources that creates housing, energy provision, and advances democratic processes through the means of the vommoning notion of the right the city.

The exhibition on show at Make City presents a showcase of some of these proposals regarding the future of urban commoning and public life, with 10 winning submissions displayed. A jury selected eight of the winning schemes whilst the reamining two were chosen by a public vote.

Richard Sennett Sociologist
Thomas Struth Photographer
Francesca Ferguson Festival Director of Make City
Indy Johar Architect and Innovator (00:/)
Amica Dall Architect (Assemble)
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