11 Jun

Longhua Affordable Building, Shenzhen, China © MIR

Urban Living & Working

HO Berlin

Affordable Living – Housing for Everyone

Exhibition at HO | BERLIN

11-20 JUN

Mon-Fri 1-8pm // Sat-Sun 1-6pm

HO Berlin Holzmarktstraße 66 10179 Berlin

HO Berlin

English, German

Built in the 1960s according to standard soviet architecture principles, the HO Berlin served as one of many warehouses that provided daily necessities such as food and cosmetics. As an “Institution for Supply”, the warehouse was constructed by the Academy of Architecture of the GDR and registered under the label ESK 700/850. Today, the HO Berlin is used as an project and exhibition space, and during Make City will host two exhibitions from Theatrum Mundi and AIT.


Housing is a basic need of humans. The continually increasing costs for living space in metropolitan areas, however, develop in the opposite direction. An approach to a solution is the construction of affordable apartments. The keyword of “Affordable Living” sums up need-based and affordable housing space, a concept considering the financial resources of the users as well as local circumstances. Thereby, the focus is on the optimisation of costs and benefits (residential value) as well as the permanent improvement of the quality of living.

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