19 Jun

Urban Living & Working

New Italian Architecture

From Embassy to Humboldt Forum


Italienisches Kulturinstitut Berlin
Hildebrandstr. 2
10785 Berlin

Italienisches Kulturinstitut Berlin



Since the fall of the Wall, the cityscape of Berlin has undergone continual transformation. It is striking how many of the prominent buildings of the ‘new’ Berlin constructed during this period have been designed by Italian architects. This tour will focus upon on the achievements and contributions of Italians to Berlin’s architectural landscape – both before and after the fall of the Wall. Starting at the Italian Embassy, the route will head via Potsdamer Platz (Renzo Piano & Giorgio Grassi) to Friedrichsstadt where examples from the International Architecture Exhibition (IBA) of 1987 (Aldo Rossi & Pietro De Rossi) will be presented, before arriving at the Schützenstraße neighbourhood (Aldo Rossi). The “Upper Eastside” project (Prof. Augusto Romano Burelli) will also mark a stop on the tour as well as Germany’s biggest cultural project: the reconstruction of Berlin’s former Stadtschloss (Franco Stella).

A tour with Christian Hajer, Urban Planner

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