16 Jun

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Urban Living & Working

Italienisches Kulturinstitut

La Città Aperta

Architecture and the historical public space of Italy

16 JUN - 3 JUL


Italienisches Kulturinstitut Hildebrandstr. 2 10785 Berlin

Italienisches Kulturinstitut

German, Italian (including simultaneous translation)

The Italian Cultural Institute in Berlin organises cultural events and exhibitions, as well as language courses. Providing documentation and information about Italian cultural life, it establishes contacts with institutions, bodies and personalities in the German arts and scientific communities to promote projects that further knowledge of Italian life and culture. The Institute contributes an exhibition, two talks and a MCO tour to Make City.


The Italian Cultural Institute Berlin shows two current projects from Labics, Mast and Città del Sole, photographed by Helene Binet and Fernando Guerra. Both understand architecture as being inextricably linked with urban planning and, seek to bring into being responsibly-designed spaces that promote an awareness of community amongst those who use them.
These projects will find themselves confronted with the public spaces of Italy’s historical urban past. Their character is based on the “morphological and spatial qualities” of the places in question, and consider how effective these original incarnations were in creating clearly defined, open pieces of urban space. The discourse about the “architecture and public spaces” will be opened by a conversation about architecture in both German and Italian.

The exhibition can be visited until July 3.

Maria Claudia Clemente & Francesco Isidori Architects, Labics
Verena von Beckerath Architect, Heide & von Beckerath
Prof. Dr. Harald Bodenschatz Planning and Architecture Sociologist, TU Berlin
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