25 Jun

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Urban Open Source

Embracing the old

Is there a strategy of renewal for the city?


O & O Depot Galerie Leibnizstrasse 60 10629 Berlin

Ortner & Ortner Baukunst



In the historically developed city we find a depiction of collective action that has been well sedimented over generations. The calming anonymity of the city has always offered unobstructed room for the development of very different identities. Whilst open society does not appear to be under threat, the process of civil participation by the individual continues to enocunter difficulty when it comes to producing collective action, despite the urgent need for change and the wish to produce something new. The city itself is not a mirror for identities; on the contrary, the city should preserve a certain sense of neutrality.

Is there a strategy of renewal for the city? And, in this context, what value does the substance of the old have?

“Embracing the old means not starting off from a tabula rasa or demanding one. It means starting off from what is, what was and what will be in the future.” Laurids Ortner

Thomas Kaup Architect and Chair BDA Berlin
Francesca Ferguson Make City Festival
Christian Heuchel Architect and Artist
Dirk Bücker Developer and Operator HO I Berlin
Thomas Kürstner Musician and Performer
Georg Wasmuth Architect and Monument Conservator
Markus Penell O&O Baukunst
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