21 Jun


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Celebrating Lichtenberg

Herzbergstrasse: a new center for sociocultural and entrepreneurial diversity

From 16:00

FAHRBEREITSCHAFT Herzbergstr. 40-43 10365 Berlin


German, English

The Herzbergstrasse in Berlin, Lichtenberg has been revitalized by different private initiatives and projects. The traditional industrial estate and working area has become a diverse, multifaceted and interesting place with an exciting mix of creative interaction. Today, here one can find different industrial units among them recycling centres and an array of creatives, who take advantage of the great production facilities and conditions on site.

Because of the low-price conditions for tenants and the interesting diversity, Lichtenberg offers the herzbergstrasse has become a model character in a city like Berlin.
today berlin is not only exposed to the massive presence of large investors and the significant increase in purchase and rental prices, but also, as a result of this, a gentrification process, that at this point can hardly be halted.

Therefore berlin needs places like the Herzbergstrasse, since its entire range, from neglected industrial wasteland, which appropriated by creatives, to the upmarket promenades, constitutes the attraction of the city.



At this Make City HUB visitors have the opportunity to get to know different projects and concepts which take place in Lichtenberg



this historically important place is a great example of a successful cooperation: over the last two years we have managed to gain new innovative industries next to tenants previously part of the motor industry. Besides that, many artists and other creatives also reside in the area today. Furthermore, art works of the collection haubrok, specialised in contemporary concept art, are temporarily exhibited.


– the hb55

the former margarine factory is today used as a “artist factory”. In collaboration with the artists working at hb55, different exhibitions projects are realized in the huge rooms on a regular basis.


– san gimignano lichtenberg

in 2015 we celebrate the year of the goat; on sunday the 21st. of june – the longest day of the year – at 6:15pm on the hill of the goats with vegetarian food from pakistan.

live goats are welcome! (N 52°31’51.06” /E 13°29’31.61”)

Tim Renner, Head of the Senate Chancellery for Cultural Affairs, will participate as well.

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