18 Jun

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Urban Living & Working

Utopias in Times of Housing Shortages

What can we learn from Karl-Marx-Allee and Hansaviertel today?


Salon Karl-Marx-
Karl-Marx-Allee 78
10243 Berlin

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The former Stalin-Allee versus Hansaviertel: the Cold War rivalry between east and west that played out in Berlin is evidenced in residential developments of the period. The GDR created a grand, sweeping socialist boulevard with Workers’ Palaces dotted amongst its prefab housing blocks. Meanwhile, in accordance with the Athens Charter, the Hansaviertel opted to divide residential, work, leisure and transport zones, projecting the model of a green city. During a period blighted by housing shortages, both quarters managed to reach new milestones in terms of floor space, construction and design. Now held in prestige by creatives and urban planners alike, they find themselves on their way to becoming world heritage sites. In light of their success, the panel will consider the question: what residential utopias exist today?

Dr. Roman Hillmann htw, Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin,
Expert on post-war and GDR modernism
Podium discussion
Dr. Ursula Kleefisch-Jobst Manager and general curator
Museum für Architektur und Ingenieurkunst NRW e.V.
Prof. Dr. Tobias Just Manager and scientific director
International Real Estate Business School - Universität Regensburg
Oliver von Spreckelsen Studioberlin Architektur und Urbanistik
Torsten Klafft Student
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