14 Jun

CC Zuloark

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Bicyclope #YA

Urban interactive light infrastructures


ZK/U – Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik
Siemensstrasse 27
10551 Berlin

iCollective / Zuloark

German, English

ZK/U (Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik) was founded by the artist collective and non-profit organisation KUNSTrePUBLIK e.V. as a centre for exploring collaboration, research and methods of production that transcend disciplines and defy expectations. Its initiators come from a diverse range of non-institutional backgrounds and regard the centre as an extension of their practice. Calling a former railway depot home (will do for the next 40 years, according to the lease) ZKU welcomes local involvement and in doing so, intends to encourage global exchange.


Bicyclope is the first partnership between iCollective and Zuloark who are working together to develop energy-producing urban furniture. The collaborators worked closely with their neighbours to determine how they spend their time in urban space in order to come up with a working system which maximises the amount of energy produced in a sustainable way. During Make City Zuloark and iCollective will host a workshop at ZK/U on new ways of thinking about the city. The workshop will be followed by a screening of #YA, a film from Ygor Gama und Florencia Rovlich, mapping recent examples anti-capitalist and anti-state civil disobedience in cities across the world: Athens, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, New York City, Istanbul, Rome, Santiago, Sao Paulo, Madrid and Lisbon.

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