13 Jun

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Thinkfarm Berlin

Map Jam

Mapping the Urban Commons

11.00 - 18.00

Thinkfarm Berlin
Oranienstrasse 183
3. Hof, Aufgang C, 3. OG
10999 Berlin

OPENiT Agency , Thinkfarm’s transition>>lab

English, German

Thinkfarm is a socio-ecological, co-working space in Berlin’s Kreuzberg that houses a a team of 60 people from initiatives and small companies, as well as freelancers and scientists, all working in the fields of transition, transformation, and sustainability.
Thinkfarm’s transition >> Lab will host the Berlin edition of Open Source Circular Economy Days; OSCE is an open event with a global presence that brings together activists and experts interested in open source hardware and software, design, big data, and resource and waste management and their relationship to the circular economy. Together, the will develop and exchange prototype ideas for an Open Source Circular Economy. 


The goal of this bicycle tour is to map urban commons and other resources that could be leveraged for use within an open circular economy in Berlin. These might included everything from working-meeting spaces such as Agora or Thinkfarm, to points for the sourcing of materials, like the Material Mafia or Materiallager – Kunststoff, plus more to be uncovered.

The map jam will unfold in three steps: participants will first learn about the open source circular economy and the power of mapping the urban commons; they will then take to bicycles and tour the streets of Berlin to identify both existing and potential resources, and finally they will share the results of their urban treasure hunt with each other, discussing the implications for a transition towards this new kind of economy.

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