20 Jun

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Hack your City

Hack your City

Cracking the codes of the city of the future


Zeta Project GmbH Rosenthaler Straße 41 10178 Berlin

Hack your City

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Hack your City is a project of Wissenschaft im Dialog, developed within the context of the German Science Year 2015 – The City of the Future. The goal of the project is to bring together practitioners from different disciplines: junior scientists, developer, architects and designers to develop alternative solutions – hacks – for the very real issue facing cities of today, as well as tomorrow.


How will we eat in the city of the future? How might we move through the city? Those kinds of questions are at the core of the Hack your City project. Scientists, urban planners, programmers and the public are called on to tackle such challenges and develop new ideas in citizen science labs. This new knowledge results in innovative proposals, so-called ‘hacks’, for the Berlin of tomorrow. Learn more about the project, and the hacks themselves, as members of Hack your City explain the thinking behind it, with some drinks and snacks too.

Register: yannick.haan(at)w-i-d.de

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