27 Jun

„Technology is the campfire where we tell our story”
Laurie Anderson
© Modulab Bucharest

Urban Commons | Urban Living & Working


11:30 - 13:00

Czech Centre Wilhelmstraße 44 / Entrance Mohrenstraße 10117 Berlin

Romanian Cultural Institute Berlin



The workshop by Modulab group is presenting the maker movement and its importance for the economy and culture. The workshop will cover various aspects of the demands and initiatives of prosumers-consumers in Romania. Furthermore, it will present practical examples and allow the participants to take part in the construction of various devices. The Romanian maker-movement has a long tradition. During the communist era electronic devices were redesigned to compensate for the economy of scarcity or in order to secretly contact the outside world. The land has benefitted tremendously from this ingenuity: nowadays, Romania has one of the best internet connections for file sharing and downloads. In addition, the participants will create their own theremins – electronic musical instruments from the 1920s that can be played without physical contact.

Ioana Calen (RO) Journalist working for different magazines and newspapers, such as Cotidianul, Capital, Harper’s Bazaar, Vice. Cofounder of Modulab, the first media lab in Bucharest. Modulab is a multidisciplinary platform that promotes research and development of new means of expression through technology.
Paul Popescu (RO) Trans-media artist and inventor, author of several interactive installations developed for various international new media art festivals, as CyNet Art in Dresden and Piksel in Bergen. He developed the media-installations for the Romanian Pavillion, Venice Biennale of Architecture, 2012. Between 2008/2009 in charge of the MNAC Lab, the new media department of The National Museum of Contemporary Art from Bucharest.
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