19 Jun

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Rumänisches Kulturinstitut

SHELTER: participative installation

An H.D.Thoreau-inspired cardboard house construction

19 - 23 JUN

10:00 - 21:00

Mall of Berlin Fußgängerpassage Leipziger Platz 12 10117 Berlin

Rumänisches Kulturinstitut Berlin

German, English

The Romanian Cultural Institute Berlin ist a cultural assembly point and an art forum for everyone who is interested in Romania. The events of the RKI take place both in Berlin and all over Germany. Make City is enriched by two contributions of the Romanian Cultural Institute: a workshop at the festival centre and an intervention which will be performed at Mall of Berlin.


In his 1854 book “Walden: Or, Life in the Woods”, H.D.Thoreau observes that shelter building is a basic activity common to all animals – the result of a survival instinct present since the dawn time. However, in the course of evolution, humans seem to have forgotten this fact. In a society in which work is divided according to specialized skills, this universal activity is left in the hands of a select few. “SHELTER – participative installation” by Des châteaux en l’air intends to reminds us of our building heritage. It will be built in 4 days and pulled down on the 5th day, with the participation of the general public. Join us in building an ephemeral yet sturdy giant shelter in the middle of Berlin!

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Ramona Poenaru(RO/FR) mixed media artist, filmmaker
Gaël Chaillat actor, director, dramatist
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