18 Jun

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Urban Commons

Architektenkammer Berlin

Urban Photography: Istanbul.Berlin

What knowledge hides within the everyday landscape of the city?

19 - 28 JUN


Architektenkammer Berlin
Alte Jakobstr. 149
10969 Berlin

Kunstbrücke Istanbul Berlin/Bahçeşehir University Istanbul + BAU International Berlin

The Architektenkammer Berlin is a representative group for the architects of Berlin. It has its headquarters in the Mendelssohn-Building in Kreuzberg, which is under monument protection. Following a selection process which took the form of an open competition, the Chamber chose Berliner architect Thomas Richter of Büro Urbane Prozesse to take on the redevelopment of its interior, which is where the inter-cultural exchange organisation Berlin-Istanbul will present an exhibition entitled “Urban Photography: Istanbul.Berlin”. Istanbul’s Bahçeşehir University set up the initiative in cooperation with BAU International Berlin with a common goal to continue promoting the intercultural dialogue between Berlin and Istanbul.


How can public life be depicted? Using what colours, textures and materials? How and where does the foreign and the familiar reveal itself? The students of the Faculty of Architecture and the Department of Photography & Video of Bahçeşehir University of Istanbul, together with students of BAU International Berlin, wanted to find out. Having developed methods of photographical research and analysis of urban phenomena within a workshop, over a thousand pictures were then taken during numerous excursions throughout Istanbul and Berlin. Make City visitors have the chance to can view a selection of them at the Berliner Chamber of Architects.

A cooperation between BAU International Berlin and the “Art Bridge Istanbul Berlin” of Bahçeşehir University Berlin.

Opening 18th of June, 7.30pm.

No Registration Required [ssba]