13 Jun

“Where men are still allowed to cry - Curry & Chili" © ANDBERLIN

Urban Commons

The Feminine Space

“Where men are still allowed to cry”


Hinter den Vögeln
Niche Berlin
Wollankstrasse 66
13359 Wedding

Niche Art & Architecture Tours

English, German


Is there such a thing as “feminine space”? The social space in Berlin’s Wedding district is dominated by locations typically perceived as “masculine” – kebab shops, barber salons and gambling halls. In what kind of spaces do women here spend their time and how do these differ from those “male” spaces? In taking account of the feminine – rather than the feminist – this tour will explore the common spaces frequented by women: can this knowledge help to inform plans for development in an area of the city challenged by social division?

A tour with Prof. Dr. Martina Löw, Institute for Sociology, Technical University Berlin

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