21 Jun

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Lobe - Böttgerstraße

Solstice Clearance Bonfire

Rising from the ashes: the Lobe phoenix


Lobe Block Site
Böttgerstr. 16
13357 Berlin

Lobe- a Berlin based Art/ Architecture space

English, German

LoBe is a residency-led contemporary art space that provides artists with the opportunity to develop their practice and mount exhibitions within an environment that promotes dialogue and interdisciplinary modes of production. LoBe develops meaningful cross-cultural exchange within a British-German context by facilitating collaborations between UK artists and those based in Berlin, at their permanent space in Wedding.


Lobe GmbH builds an amazing building which is planned by Arno Brandlhuber and Muck Petzet Architekten. Just before the building process starts we hold an afternoon and evening open air event on the empty building ground. In the afternoon children are invited to come and build dens, huts and sculptures from a big pile of wood and make stick-bread over the fire. Organizing this event Lobe join forces with Hinterland, the producers of the great children’s an Berlin architecture book „Schinkel, Bär und Currywurst“.

Towards dusk the bigger bonfire will be lit and artists, architects and designers are invited to throw disused material into the fire (please only wood, cardboard and paper)

During the evening festivity there will be a fire installation with music.

No Registration Required [ssba]