13 Jun

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Bermudagarten Weißensee

Bermuda Triangle Weißensee

A Wasteland turnt into the home of a new garden

11.00 - 17:00

Bermudagarten Johannes-Itten-Straße 13086 Berlin

Kommen & Bleiben (Kunsthochschule Weißensee)

English, German, Arabic, Persian, Dutch

“Berlin has 3,421,829 inhabitants. In the year 2014, 12,000 refugees were added to that number. Some Berliners say that it is a problem. We see potential.”
Kommen & Bleiben (Come & Stay), a students’ initiative at the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee, is asking how can newcomers and native Berliners can live and work together, mutually benefiting an enriching each others lives? How can we design an open, sustainable and collaborative city?


Nestling in between office spaces, an art school, a refugee residential centre and the neighbourhood streets of Weißense is a foreign space: a Bermuda triangle of sorts. Until now only a small trail has led a path through this fallow ground. Could this non-pace be transformed into an urban garden? The kind of space that brings together all the residents, office workers, refugees and art students in the vicinity? Kommen & Bleiben intent to just that – to create an ‘intergalactic’ green space – an island of raised flower beds growing wild herbs, rhubarb and spinach, where all are welcome. Get the lowdown on the project as Make City hosts the teams behind Prinzessinnengärten and the Mauergarten, whilst on World Refugee Day the Bermudagarten breaks cover. During the festival those involved in the initiate will discuss how anyone – you, your neighbours, your colleagues – can participate in your own neighbourhood.

Contact: bermudagarten@kommenundbleiben.de

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