23 Jun

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Actors of Urban Change

Actors of Urban Change 2013 -2015

Discussion on cultural projects as urban development


CLB Berlin
im Aufbau Haus
Aufgang 2
Prinzenstraße 84
10969 Berlin

Actors of Urban Change


Actors of Urban Change is a program organized by the Robert Bosch Foundation in cooperation with mitost e.V. All over Europe, the project mobilizes trans-sector teams to participate in the creation of urban societies. At Make City, Actors of Urban Change will be presenting an exhibition and a panel discussion. Both contributions will be held at the CLB Berlin, Collabroarotorim im Aufbau Haus, a new assembly point for urban projects.


As diverse and heterogeneous as European Cities might be, they are united by the fact that they all face huge social, cultural, economic and ecological challenges. Many of these problems are so complex that they cannot be solved through the efforts of a few experts alone. Instead, new methods of cooperation and participation are required: a wide range of bright minds must work in collaboration. This is exactly the process begun by the 10 projects initiated by Actors of Urban Change, in which trans-sector teams attempt to transform urban developments through the means of cultural projects. Therefore, the panel discussion with participants of the program and guests will focus on the following questions: what role can culture play to change our cities positively? And to what extent does this contribute to a new framework of collaboration across different sectors?
The discussion accompanies an exhibition presented during the festival.

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