18 Jun

Urban Open Source

Urban Open Source

Participatory Design


Czech Centre Wilhelmstraße 44 / Entrance Mohrenstraße 10117 Berlin



Panel Discussion

With the recent technological developments and the democratization of the internet, the ever growing availability of open source tools alters the consciousness of spaces and services in urban environments and therefore transforms the way we use and consume the cities. How urban landscapes, urban commons and interstitial spaces are discovered, mapped and implemented in such a way that areas of potential in a city are manifested as part of a heightened awareness of commons?

Prof. Fran Tonkiss (UK) Professor of Sociology at the London School of Economics and director of the Cities Programme. Her interests in urbanism include cities and social theory, urban development and design, urban inequalities, spatial divisions and public space.
Elke Krasny (AT) Curator, cultural theorist, urban researcher and writer. Specialist of participation and “hands on urbanism”. Professor at the Academy of fine Arts in Vienna, Austria.
Playful Commons: Gilly Karjevski, Sebastian Quack (IL/DE) Heads of Playful Commons. Playful Commons explores new licenses for playful use of public spaces build on the Creative Commons licenses.
Aristide Antonas (GR) Architect and theorist based in Berlin and Athens. His project proposes an administration of selected rooftops, arcades and specific urban areas with alternative legislations operating autonomously by a control via internet.
Zones Urbaines Sensibles: Kristian Koreman (NL) Heads of Zones Urbaines Sensibles. Their project, the urban bridge, is the primary example of crowdfunded architecture.
Urbanitas Berlin Barcelona: Maria Muñoz (ES) Co-founder of Urbanitas Berlin Barcelona. Her work Alicia Project was selected by the Robert Bosch Foundation in the framework of the program “Actors of Urban Change”.
Digital Society: Julia Kloiber (DE) Project manager at the Open Knowledge Foundation and at the “Digital Society”. She deals with projects about free knowledge, open data, internet policy and design.
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