12 Jun

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Lebensort Vielfalt

Independent aging beyond the straight family

14.00 - 18.00

Lebensort Vielfalt
Niebuhrstraße 59/60
10629 Berlin

Schwulenberatung Berlin



Lebensort Vielfalt translates as ‘diverse dwelling place’ and that’s just what you’ll find taking place everyday at the project of Schwulenberatung Berlin, which encompasses a coffee house and restaurant, an ambitious event program, a library, 24 private residences and a nursing home. Around 60% of the population are elderly gay men, women another 20% with the remaining 20% comprising of younger gay men. The varied mix of inhabitants is not a coincidence, for there’s another special thing about the place: a nursing flat share for gay men in need of care, the first project of its kind in Europe to look beyond the demographic of the straight family. Join the open house and exhibition to learn more about the project’s development process. A tour led by tenants and architects will start at 16.00.

Marcel de Groot Managing Director of Schwulenberatung Berlin
Ulrich Schop Architect
Bernd Gaiser Speaker of the tenants
No Registration Required [ssba]