17 Jun

Swim in the Spree - in Berlin city centre! ©Realities united

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A Royal Palace and a Public River Bath

Towards a new common centre

15:00 - 18:00

big granit bowl
in Lustgarten
in front of Alte Museum
10178 Berlin

Ticket B



After much controversy, the GDR’era Palast der Republik –was finally dismantled over a two-year period in 2008 that saw pieces of it shipped along the river Spree. The demolition process was accompanied by unsuccessful protests against the tourist-focused future use of the site: the reconstruction of Berlin’s Baroque Palace in its original footprint. This is not the only “revival architecture” case in the area; a handful of lucky inhabitants will soon move into the luxurious Crown Princess Garden. However, a new initiative intends to lend the river a sense of grandiosity that can be shared with all Berliners: Flußbad – the chance to swim in the spree.

A tour with:

Kai Dolata, Flussbad
Barbara Schindler, Flussbad
Dr. Cordelia Polinna, Think Berlin
Dr. Martin Schwegmann, Initiative Stadt Neudenken

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