22 Jun

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Plán / The Plan


Architektenkammer Berlin
Alte Jakobstraße 149
10969 Berlin

Architektenkammer Berlin, Tschechisches Zentrum Berlin

original version with English subtitles


Film by Benjamin Tuček. Czech Republic 2014, 90 min.

To whom does the city belong? What is the value of public space? Is the term “developer” akin to a swearword? Who do a city’s representatives actually represent? Those are some of the questions Benjamin Tuček explores in his documentary, ‘The Plan’. In the film, Tuček rexposes the politics inherent within a zoning plan and the resulting impact upon inhabitants, both today and in the future. Maintaining a neutral position behind the camera, the filmmaker attempts to depict all points of view on the issue, though in the end the perspective that dominates comes from those who believe in the city as an expression of culture and quality of life.

Followed by a discussion with Czech-Japanese architect Osamu Okamura and Christine Edmaier, president of the Architectural association Berlin.

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