20 Jun

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Bauhütte Südliche Friedrichstadt

A Transfer Site for Participation

How a new project at the former flower market is bringing people together


Südliche Friedrichstadt
Besselstr. 1
10963 Berlin

Bauhütte Südliche Friedrichstadt

German, English

The Bauhütte, Berlin’s first large concept new-build project comprising numerous parcels of land, will soon be found in southern Friedrichstadt. The Bauhütte connects the development of a former flower market hall with projects concerned with civic participation, urban politics and architecture, young people and education, temporary use and business development. The goal is to encourage investors and residents – both new and established – to cooperate with one another, promoting a sense of social cohesion. By following an open-minded concept the Bauhutte bridges the gap between planners and public, involving local residents in the development of the project. The result is a community platform upon which participation takes place on an equal footing.


The development of a construction site located at a former flower market relies upon participation. And so, right in the middle of the field the Bauhütte has been established: a new 60m2 project space, where debates and activities relating to participation, urban politics and architecture as well as youth and education programmes, run simultaneously. Here, neighbours, construction workers, architects and future resident meet on equal footing to discuss interim solutions and future commercial opportunities. That’s why a small hut is due to make a huge contribution to the social cohesion of the people of Südliche Friedrichstadt. For the next two years at least, it will serve as a civil platform in the middle of the construction site between Friedrichstraße and Jewish Museum.
This event will be one of the first times the Bauhütte open its doors: come and join the discussion about its future possibilties

Register: bauhuette(at)kreativ-quartier-berlin.de