19 Jun

Protest demonstration camp in Hong Kong which became the Umbrella Revolution ©Marc Latzel

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Another City is Possible: Practices of the Minimum Viable Utopia

Opening Keynote Lecture of the Symposium: Beware of Smart People!


Czech Centre Wilhelmstraße 44 / Entrance Mohrenstraße 10117 Berlin

Technische Universität Berlin, Dialogplattform Smart People & Urban Commoning



Panel Discussion

“What I am interested in is creating circumstances in which ordinary city dwellers are able to acquire a refined understanding of all the circumstances that shape their participation in civic life, whether those circumstances are technical, political, economic or psychological.” (A.Greenfield)

How can practices of sharing, co-operation and commoning contribute to challenge the “Smart City”? The symposium “Beware of Smart People!”, organised by Jörg Stollmann, addresses the conflictual reality in which Smart City approaches are currently unfolding. International scholars and practitioners will reflect on the “Smart City” as a contested paradigm; shift the discourse towards the notion of the urban as co-produced by many voices and actors. and attempt to redefine “Smart City” by putting ordinary citizens as “smart people” at the core of the debate. The symposium shall function as a catalyst towards new agendas for future trans-disciplinary research on the “Smart City” in academia and practice.

The symposium continues on Saturday, June 20, 2015 with the conference “Beware of Smart People” at the Institute of Architecture, Technical University Berlin.

Christine Ahrend (DE) Vice President for Research, Faculty Appointment Matters and Promotion of Young Scientists, TU Berlin.
Adam Greenfield (US) Writer and urbanist, New York University, New York
Vanessa Watson (ZA) Chair of City Planning, University of Cape Town
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