11 Jun

Madrid residents convert a vacant lot: El Campo de Cebada ©Zuloark

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Defining Commons, Designing Commons


Czech Centre Wilhelmstraße 44 / Entrance Mohrenstraße 10117 Berlin

Theatrum Mundi - Professional network of urbanists and artists & a forum for cross-disciplinary discussion about cultural and public space in the city. Founder of the 'Designing the Urban Commons' competition 2015.



Panel Disussion

Commons have an ancient history in Britain as places providing subsistence to their users without the need for individual private ownership. This form of social organisation has recently been brought back into the limelight as an effective way to manage natural resources but its potential impact as a strategy for urban life remains barely explored. New urban commons have almost never been proactively designed. We discuss the new definitions of commons, and urban commoning as a design imperative.

Ethel Baraona Pohl (ES) Critic and curator, Co-founder of dpr-barcelona, an architectural research practice based in Barcelona, editor of Quaderns.
Massimo De Angelis (IT) Professor of Political Economy and Development and co-director of the Centre for Social Justice and Change.
Friction Atlas: Paolo Patelli (IT/NL) Addresses the legibility of public space, of its programs and of the laws that regulate its uses.
Commons Josaphat: Philippe de Clerck (BE) Autonomous platform unifying inhabitants, citizens, activists and organizations around the notion of producing and managing our cities based on the concept of the commons.
Atelier d'architecture autogérée: Doina Petrescu (FR) Professor of Architecture and Design Activism at the University of Sheffield.
Theatrum Mundi: Adam Kaasa (UK) Founding member of Theatrum Mundi and jury member of the Designing the Urban Commons competition.
Theatrum Mundi: John Bingham-Hall (UK) Urban researcher with a background in music and architectural studies, develops and co-produces Theatrum Mundi's programme.
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