16 Jun

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In tribute to the ground floor

Studio Talk at bfstudio-architekten


bfstudio Büro Lobeckstr.30-35 D 10969 Berlin


German, English


Berlin has a choice: sell ground-floor space to the highest bidder – or – see that it goes to the bidder with the best idea. Opting for the latter not only creates more affordable space, but fertile ground for experimentation across a huge area. How might a new approach reconcile different types of urban space? Turning a gallery into a “project room,” a retail space into a “micro Storefront,” or a restaurant into a “food bazaar” gives good reason for people to leave the zone of the pavement: the ground floor becomes the perfect mediator between public and private space. bfstudio-architekten invite you to a Studio Talk and BBQ in celebration of the humble ground floor.

Dr Gregor Langenbrinck Urban Planner, Urbanizers, Berlin
"City Policy and Ground Floor Space"
Judith Lösing Architect, East Architecture and Landscape, London
"Revitalization of the London High Streets"
Benita Braun-Feldweg & Matthias Muffert Architects, bfstudio-architekten, Berlin
"The active Ground Floor of Metropolenhaus am Jüdischen Museum"
Ela Kagel Curator and co-founder, Supermarkt, Berlin
"Curating Social Innovation"
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