26 Jun

Brooklyn Navy Yards in New York. A project by Macro Sea in cooperation with Terreform 1 ©Terreform 1

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Czech Centre Wilhelmstraße 44 / Entrance Mohrenstraße 10117 Berlin



Panel Discussion

Creating Value in Development & Public-Private Ventures: the recent years have seen the developments of derivative forms of public-private partnerships that tend to creatively enlarge the scope of possibilities regarding the definition, the program, the financing and the future uses of a project. How do design and creative tools intervene in the early stages of a project to define new custom made and flexible policies for new build. How do we add value to new live/co-work/design developments and incorporate a sense of corporate social responsibility? What is the outcome of sustainable partnerships between planner and architect?

Isabel Hoffmann (DE) Advisor at nuances public affairs.
Erik Spiekermann (DE) World renowned graphic designer who reflects upon the role of craftsmanship and design in defininf a creative space.
Darwin Ecosystème: Philippe Barre, Sylvain Barfety, Christiaan Weiler (FR) Initiative of Evolution Limited in Bordeaux, to rehabilitate a part of a former military site as a hub for innovative enterprises and urban culture. Evolution partnered with future users, tenants, and private and public stakeholders.
Le 6b: Julien Beller, Rabia Enckell (FR) Founders of le 6b, a cultural hub located in an unique compound that was once subjected to demolition. 6b as a cultural experience hands-in-hands within the different partners progressively shifted the fate of the facilities towards a more sustainable vision based on the uses experimented through the 6b existence.
Malzfabrik-Next: Frank Sippel (DE) The Malzfabrik is an industrial monument characterized by creativity and culture with highlights in sustainability.
Macro Sea: David Belt (USA) The Brooklyn Navy Yard is a high-tech design and prototyping center comprising 7,800 square metres; a national model for sustainable industrial parks and a unique laboratory for scientists, artists, architects, students and individuals to explore and advance the larger framework of socio-ecological design. Planned with Terreform 1.
Holzmarkt: Mario Husten (DE) The Holzmarkt project realizes a creative village, a club, a hotel and public river-parks at Berlin’s innercity Spree.
Cathedral Group: Martyn Evans (UK) Creative Director. Cathedral Group engages in the development of real estate properties in the United Kingdom. Their portfolio includes public-private-partnerships and urban renewal projects.
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