26 Jun

Dan Pearlman’s vision for an urban concept in Tbilisi ©Dan Pearlman

Urban Living & Working

Create – Make – Sell

How can we design hybrid spaces for new urban economies?


Czech Centre Wilhelmstraße 44 / Entrance Mohrenstraße 10117 Berlin

Dan Pearlman Markenarchitektur GmbH



Panel Discussion

Production sites, such as workshops or small manufacturers, have a tendency to disappear into the cityscape; often located on the outskirts given the difficulties they face in affording city-centre locations and all the beneficial infrastructure that comes with them. However, they are changing these fringe locations: it has been proven that bringing subculture movement and craft industries together can create appealing urban spaces. These new combinations correspond with new typologies for living and working: they avoid a separation of professional and private spheres and in doing so create micro-universes in the middle of the city. Their success depends upon developers involving future tenants from the outset. Creating a welcoming sense of liveliness attracts additional new producers and concepts and turns former non-places in core urban spaces.

Ares Kalandides (GR) Urban planner, founder and CEO at Inpolis.
Dimitri Hegemann (DE) Founder Tresor Berlin and space research expert.
Christoph Hoffmann (DE) Co-founder 25Hours Hotels.
Markus Kather (DE) Geographer and Project Manager COBRA.
Francesca Ferguson (UK) Curator and founder of the Make City Festivals.
Karen Klessinger (DE) Creative director Brands Experience dan pearlman.
Thorsten Kadel (DE) Creative Director and Head of Strategy dan pearlman.
Kieran Stanlay (IRL) Co-founder dan pearlman and CEO Erlebnisarchitektur.
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