11 Jun

Superkilen-Park in Copenhagen, designed with civic participation TOPOTEK 1, Foto © Iwan Baan

Urban Commons

Volkspark 2.0

New Urban Landscapes of Commons


Czech Centre Wilhelmstraße 44 / Entrance Mohrenstraße 10117 Berlin

In Cooperation with Berlin based landscape architects: Atelier Loidl, Topotek 1, A24, sinai



Panel Disussion

On the transformation of contemporary urban landscapes based upon the notions of commons versus the highly individualized appropriations of spaces. Boundaries between private and public are progressively dissolving. Is the traditional notion of the ‘Volkspark’ – people’s park, somewhat outdated? Do we face a conglomerate of individual uses of recreational space? Smart parks, where public lands are dedicated to urban farming or ecological uses, are completely changing the way urban landscapes and parks are perceived. How does one design for this new urban commons?

Jessica Bridger (US) Urbanist, journalist and consultant.
Atelier Loidl: Leonard Grosch (DE) Landscape Architects in Berlin and designers of the Gleisdreieckpark.
Topotek 1: Martin Rein-Cano (DE) Landscape Architects and designers of a participatory public space, Superkilen, Copenhagen.
A24: Stefan Robel (DE) Landscape Architect and initiator of the notion of Volkspark 2.0
100land: Thilo Folkerts (DE) Landscape Architect, experimental garden installations in urban spaces, author, publisher, translator
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